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The Winsocks
Lively trio including Neal Martin who you might recognise

Tone Deaf Leopard
Two lovely people with a wacky take on folk music.

Pig's Ear
A multi-talented family of musicians. Traditional music played on a wide range of instruments.

A good mate, musician and sound engineer

Cooper's Tavern - Burton on Trent
If this isn't the best pub in Britain we want to see the one that beats it.

Folk Club in Eltham south east London held on Wednesdays at Blackheath Rugby Club.

The Mudcat Forum
Chat or argue it's up to you.

Broadstairs Folk Week
A week of Folk music on the Kent coast.

Derby Folk
Join the East Midlands folk scene.



Particular thanks to all of the following who helped out in the production of the latest album - Post to Pillar

Dawson Smith & The Dissenters
Producer of Pillar to Post and his excellent roots/rock band.

The Paddocks
The very nice studio in Leicestershire where Post to Pillar was recorded.

Simon Faulks
The master of all stringed things. Banjo and Mandolin player for the Norcsalordie band and lead guitarist for The Dissenters.

Simon Dennis

Drummer for both The Norcsalordie Band and the Dissenters.

Lisa Banks
St Albans based singer and instrumentalist who duets on Post to Pillar

The Hind - London Road Leicester
A regular local venue for Norcsalordie, opposite the train station.


A wide selection of Norcsalordie videos are available for viewing on YouTube

Maggie May

Preacher and the Slave

She moved through the Fair

Blaydon Races

Cursed Cornelius

Sun Arise

Over the Hills and Far Away

Wolds Maidens Lament

The Islander

Whip Jamboree

Drunken Sailor

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

and others


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