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Forthcoming Gigs

There are no forthcoming gigs



"You were brilliant in Broadstairs. We called you the finds of the year"

"I've never seen so many smiling faces in a Folk Club"

"Breath of fresh air for the folk scene"

"Norcsalordie are class - neo-folk?? Only true musicians could pull that off !"

"You've just converted someone who hates Folk Music - I was meant to be going home an hour and a half ago"

"I don't know much about folk music, but I do enjoy watching and listening to you guys."

"Probably my favourite discovery of the day were a young duo called Norcsalordie"

"The surprise of the night had to be two young blokes called Norcsalordie who were brilliant"

"Saw you for the first time at the Tudor and you were awesome, I will spread the word.Thanks for an awesome Mayday"


A wide selection of Norcsalordie videos are available for viewing on YouTube

Maggie May

Preacher and the Slave

She moved through the Fair

Blaydon Races

Cursed Cornelius

Sun Arise

Over the Hills and Far Away

Wolds Maidens Lament

The Islander

Whip Jamboree

Drunken Sailor

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

and others


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